ICD-10 Diagnosis Code R89.2

Abn lev drug/meds/biol subst in specimens from oth org/tiss

Diagnosis Code R89.2

ICD-10: R89.2
Short Description: Abn lev drug/meds/biol subst in specimens from oth org/tiss
Long Description: Abnormal level of other drugs, medicaments and biological substances in specimens from other organs, systems and tissues
This is the 2018 version of the ICD-10-CM diagnosis code R89.2

Valid for Submission
The code R89.2 is valid for submission for HIPAA-covered transactions.

Code Classification
  • Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified (R00–R99)
    • Abnormal findings on examination of other body fluids, substances and tissues, without diagnosis (R83-R89)
      • Abnormal findings in specimens from oth org/tiss (R89)

Information for Medical Professionals

According to ICD-10-CM guidelines this code should not to be used as a principal diagnosis code when a related definitive diagnosis has been established.
Diagnostic Related Groups
The diagnosis code R89.2 is grouped in the following Diagnostic Related Group(s) (MS-DRG V35.0)


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  • Acetaminophen level abnormal
  • Bone marrow iron finding
  • Bone marrow iron finding
  • Carbamazepine level high
  • Carbamazepine level low
  • Decreased angiotensin II level
  • Decreased biotin
  • Decreased bone marrow iron
  • Decreased carotene
  • Decreased coproporphyrin
  • Decreased pantothenic acid
  • Decreased porphyrin
  • Decreased protoporphyrin
  • Decreased serotonin level
  • Digoxin level high
  • Digoxin level low
  • Fecal chymotrypsin
  • Finding of carbamazepine level
  • Finding of carbamazepine level
  • Finding of digoxin level
  • Finding of digoxin level
  • Finding of lithium level
  • Finding of lithium level
  • Finding of phenytoin level
  • Finding of phenytoin level
  • Finding of valproate level
  • Increased angiotensin II level
  • Increased biotin
  • Increased bone marrow iron
  • Increased carotene
  • Increased coproporphyrin
  • Increased pantothenic acid
  • Increased porphyrin
  • Increased protoporphyrin
  • Increased serotonin level
  • Increased uroporphyrin
  • Increased vitamin B
  • Increased vitamin K
  • Increased vitamin K>2<
  • Lithium level high - toxic
  • Lithium level low
  • Phenobarbitone level high
  • Phenobarbitone level low
  • Phenytoin level high
  • Phenytoin level low
  • Salicylate level abnormal
  • Theophylline level high
  • Theophylline level low
  • Valproate level high

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