2022 ICD-10-CM Advanced Lookup

Find ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes by code name, code description, synonyms, chapter, classification, valid for submission status code and code status. The ICD-10-CM Advanced Look Up tool provides granular and more specific access to the ICD-10 code set. Partial searches are allowed. Result set includes synonyms and valid for submission marker.

Advanced Search of ICD-10-CM Codes Features

Find any ICD-10-CM code with this fast and free Advanced ICD-10 Lookup tool. Search the full ICD-10 catalog using a combination of the following parameters to retrieve granular results:

  • Code Name
  • Code Descriptions
  • Clinical Terms or Synonyms
  • Code Edit
  • Valid for Submission
  • Status
  • Code Type
  • Classification
  • Chapter
  • Category