ICD-10-CM Code N89.8

Other specified noninflammatory disorders of vagina

Version 2020 Billable Code Diagnoses For Females Only

Valid for Submission

N89.8 is a billable code used to specify a medical diagnosis of other specified noninflammatory disorders of vagina. The code is valid for the year 2020 for the submission of HIPAA-covered transactions. The ICD-10-CM code N89.8 might also be used to specify conditions or terms like abnormal vaginal odor, bleeding from hymen, bloodstained vaginal discharge, brown vaginal discharge, bulge of vagina, bulging of vaginal wall, etc

The code N89.8 is applicable to female patients only. It is clinically and virtually impossible to use this code on a non-female patient.

Short Description:Other specified noninflammatory disorders of vagina
Long Description:Other specified noninflammatory disorders of vagina

Tabular List of Diseases and Injuries

The Tabular List of Diseases and Injuries is a list of ICD-10 codes, organized "head to toe" into chapters and sections with guidance for inclusions, exclusions, descriptions and more. The following references are applicable to the code N89.8:

Inclusion Terms

Inclusion Terms
These terms are the conditions for which that code is to be used. The terms may be synonyms of the code title, or, in the case of "other specified" codes, the terms are a list of the various conditions assigned to that code. The inclusion terms are not necessarily exhaustive. Additional terms found only in the Alphabetic Index may also be assigned to a code.
  • Leukorrhea NOS
  • Old vaginal laceration
  • Pessary ulcer of vagina

Type 1 Excludes

Type 1 Excludes
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Index to Diseases and Injuries

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Code Edits

The Medicare Code Editor (MCE) detects and reports errors in the coding of claims data. The following ICD-10 Code Edits are applicable to this code:

  • Diagnoses for females only - Medicare Code Editor detects inconsistencies between a patient’s sex and any diagnosis on the patient’s record, this code applies to FEMALES only .


The following clinical terms are approximate synonyms or lay terms that might be used to identify the correct diagnosis code:

  • Abnormal vaginal odor
  • Bleeding from hymen
  • Bloodstained vaginal discharge
  • Brown vaginal discharge
  • Bulge of vagina
  • Bulging of vaginal wall
  • Creamy vaginal discharge
  • Cyst of vagina
  • Diminished sensation due to vaginal laxity
  • Erythema of vagina
  • Fimbriated hymen
  • Finding of color of vaginal discharge
  • Finding of color of vaginal discharge
  • Finding of color of vaginal discharge
  • Finding of color of vaginal discharge
  • Finding of color of vaginal discharge
  • Finding of consistency of vaginal discharge
  • Finding of contents of vagina
  • Finding of form of vagina
  • Finding of odor of vaginal discharge
  • Finding of quantity of vaginal discharge
  • Finding of quantity of vaginal discharge
  • Finding of quantity of vaginal discharge
  • Finding of shape of hymen
  • Finding of temperature of vagina
  • Finding of tone of vagina
  • Finding of tone of vagina
  • Fishy vaginal discharge
  • Frothy vaginal discharge
  • Green vaginal discharge
  • Gynatresia of vagina
  • Heat in vaginal fornix
  • Hydrometrocolpos
  • Hymenal tag
  • Lesion of hymen
  • Leukorrhea
  • Moderate vaginal discharge
  • Mucocolpos
  • Mucoid vaginal discharge
  • Non-infective leukorrhea
  • Noninflammatory disorder of the vagina
  • Noninflammatory disorder of the vagina
  • Noninflammatory disorder of the vagina
  • O/E - bloodstained vaginal discharge
  • O/E - creamy vaginal discharge
  • O/E - speculum vaginal wall abnormality
  • O/E - vagina
  • O/E - vaginal discharge
  • Obstruction of hymen
  • Odorless vaginal discharge
  • Offensive vaginal discharge
  • Old vaginal laceration
  • On examination - frothy vaginal discharge
  • On examination - offensive vaginal discharge
  • On examination - vaginal speculum examination
  • On examination - white vaginal discharge
  • On examination - yellow vaginal discharge
  • Pelvic swelling
  • Persistent hymen - baby delivered
  • Persistent hymen complicating postpartum care - baby delivered during previous episode of care
  • Persistent hymen in pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium
  • Polyp of vulva
  • Problem with vaginal pessary
  • Profuse vaginal discharge
  • Purulent vaginal discharge
  • Scanty vaginal discharge
  • Scarred hymenal edge
  • Scarring of vaginal vault
  • Scarring of vaginal wall
  • Scarring of vulva
  • Swelling of female genital structure
  • Swelling of vagina
  • Swelling of vaginal introitus
  • Swelling of vulva
  • Tight vagina
  • Urinous vaginal discharge
  • Urovagina
  • Vagina lax
  • Vaginal adenosis
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal discharge present
  • Vaginal discharge symptom
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal dryness on intercourse
  • Vaginal flatus
  • Vaginal fornix finding
  • Vaginal granulation tissue
  • Vaginal hematoma
  • Vaginal hymen problem
  • Vaginal hyperplasia
  • Vaginal introitus bleeding
  • Vaginal irritation
  • Vaginal mass
  • Vaginal odor
  • Vaginal pool
  • Vaginal scar
  • Vaginal tags
  • Vaginal vault bleeding
  • Vaginal vault hematoma
  • Vaginal vault laxity
  • Vulvovaginal scarring due to ritual circumcision
  • Watery vaginal discharge
  • White vaginal discharge
  • Yellow vaginal discharge

Diagnostic Related Groups

The ICD-10 code N89.8 is grouped in the following groups for version MS-DRG V37.0 What are Diagnostic Related Groups?
The Diagnostic Related Groups (DRGs) are a patient classification scheme which provides a means of relating the type of patients a hospital treats. The DRGs divides all possible principal diagnoses into mutually exclusive principal diagnosis areas referred to as Major Diagnostic Categories (MDC).
applicable from 10/01/2020 through 09/30/2020.


Convert N89.8 to ICD-9

  • 623.4 - Old vaginal laceration (Approximate Flag)
  • 623.5 - Noninfect vag leukorrhea (Approximate Flag)
  • 623.6 - Vaginal hematoma (Approximate Flag)
  • 623.8 - Noninflam dis vagina NEC (Approximate Flag)

Code Classification

  • Diseases of the genitourinary system (N00–N99)
    • Noninflammatory disorders of female genital tract (N80-N98)
      • Other noninflammatory disorders of vagina (N89)

Code History

  • FY 2016 - New Code, effective from 10/1/2015 through 9/30/2016
    (First year ICD-10-CM implemented into the HIPAA code set)
  • FY 2017 - No Change, effective from 10/1/2016 through 9/30/2017
  • FY 2018 - No Change, effective from 10/1/2017 through 9/30/2018
  • FY 2019 - No Change, effective from 10/1/2018 through 9/30/2019
  • FY 2020 - No Change, effective from 10/1/2019 through 9/30/2020

Information for Patients

Vaginal Diseases

Vaginal problems are some of the most common reasons women go to the doctor. They may have symptoms such as

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Pain
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Discharge

One common problem is vaginitis, an inflammation of the vagina. Other problems that affect the vagina include sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal cancer, and vulvar cancer. Treatment of vaginal problems depends on the cause.

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