Alphabetical Index

Use the alphabetical index for the main term implantation to review the available sub terms and properly select the ICD-10 code with the highest degree of specificity. Instructional notations will guide the coder with information such as "see", "see also", "with", "without", "due to", and "code by site".

  • Implantation
    • anomalous - See: Anomaly, by site;
      • ureter - Q62.63 Anomalous implantation of ureter
    • cyst
      • external area or site (skin) NEC - L72.0 Epidermal cyst
      • iris - See: Cyst, iris, implantation;
      • vagina - N89.8 Other specified noninflammatory disorders of vagina
      • vulva - N90.7 Vulvar cyst
    • dermoid (cyst) - See: Implantation, cyst;

Clinical Terms

The following are some of the clinical term definitions related or applicable to implantation within the ICD-10 index for Diseases and Injuries.

Cysts: Any fluid-filled closed cavity or sac that is lined by an EPITHELIUM. Cysts can be of normal, abnormal, non-neoplastic, or neoplastic tissues.

Iris: The most anterior portion of the uveal layer, separating the anterior chamber from the posterior. It consists of two layers - the stroma and the pigmented epithelium. Color of the iris depends on the amount of melanin in the stroma on reflection from the pigmented epithelium.

Ureter: One of a pair of thick-walled tubes that transports urine from the KIDNEY PELVIS to the URINARY BLADDER.

Vagina: The genital canal in the female, extending from the UTERUS to the VULVA. (Stedman, 25th ed)

Vulva: The external genitalia of the female. It includes the CLITORIS, the labia, the vestibule, and its glands.