2024 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code X50.3XXS

Overexertion from repetitive movements, sequela

ICD-10-CM Code:
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Overexertion from repetitive movements, sequela
Is Billable?
Yes - Valid for Submission
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Code Classification

  • External causes of morbidity and mortality
    • Overexertion and strenuous or repetitive movements
      • Overexertion and strenuous or repetitive movements

X50.3XXS is a billable diagnosis code used to specify a medical diagnosis of overexertion from repetitive movements, sequela. The code is valid during the current fiscal year for the submission of HIPAA-covered transactions from October 01, 2023 through September 30, 2024. The code is exempt from present on admission (POA) reporting for inpatient admissions to general acute care hospitals.

X50.3XXS is a sequela code, includes a 7th character and should be used for complications that arise as a direct result of a condition like overexertion from repetitive movements. According to ICD-10-CM Guidelines a "sequela" code should be used for chronic or residual conditions that are complications of an initial acute disease, illness or injury. The most common sequela is pain. Usually, two diagnosis codes are needed when reporting sequela. The first code describes the nature of the sequela while the second code describes the sequela or late effect.

Clinical Classification

Present on Admission (POA)

X50.3XXS is exempt from POA reporting - The Present on Admission (POA) indicator is used for diagnosis codes included in claims involving inpatient admissions to general acute care hospitals. POA indicators must be reported to CMS on each claim to facilitate the grouping of diagnoses codes into the proper Diagnostic Related Groups (DRG). CMS publishes a listing of specific diagnosis codes that are exempt from the POA reporting requirement. Review other POA exempt codes here.

CMS POA Indicator Options and Definitions

POA IndicatorReason for CodeCMS will pay the CC/MCC DRG?
YDiagnosis was present at time of inpatient admission.YES
NDiagnosis was not present at time of inpatient admission.NO
UDocumentation insufficient to determine if the condition was present at the time of inpatient admission.NO
WClinically undetermined - unable to clinically determine whether the condition was present at the time of inpatient admission.YES
1Unreported/Not used - Exempt from POA reporting. NO

Replacement Code

X503XXS replaces the following previously assigned ICD-10-CM code(s):

  • Y93.01 - Activity, walking, marching and hiking
  • Y93.02 - Activity, running
  • Y93.1 - Activities involving water and water craft
  • Y93.11 - Activity, swimming
  • Y93.12 - Activity, springboard and platform diving
  • Y93.13 - Activity, water polo
  • Y93.14 - Activity, water aerobics and water exercise
  • Y93.15 - Activity, underwater diving and snorkeling
  • Y93.16 - Activity, rowing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting and tubing
  • Y93.17 - Activity, water skiing and wake boarding
  • Y93.18 - Activity, surfing, windsurfing and boogie boarding
  • Y93.19 - Activity, other involving water and watercraft
  • Y93.2 - Activities involving ice and snow
  • Y93.21 - Activity, ice skating
  • Y93.22 - Activity, ice hockey
  • Y93.23 - Actvty,snow (alp/dwnhl) ski, snow brd, sled, tobogn & tubing
  • Y93.23 - Actvty,snow (alp/dwnhl) ski,snowboard,sled,tobogn & tubing
  • Y93.24 - Activity, cross country skiing
  • Y93.29 - Activity, other involving ice and snow
  • Y93.3 - Activities involving climbing, rappelling and jumping off
  • Y93.31 - Activity, mountain climbing, rock climbing and wall climbing
  • Y93.32 - Activity, rappelling
  • Y93.33 - Activity, BASE jumping
  • Y93.34 - Activity, bungee jumping
  • Y93.35 - Activity, hang gliding
  • Y93.39 - Activity, oth involving climbing, rappelling and jumping off
  • Y93.4 - Activities involving dancing and other rhythmic movement
  • Y93.41 - Activity, dancing
  • Y93.42 - Activity, yoga
  • Y93.43 - Activity, gymnastics
  • Y93.44 - Activity, trampolining
  • Y93.45 - Activity, cheerleading
  • Y93.49 - Activity, oth involving dancing and other rhythmic movements
  • Y93.5 - Activities involving oth sports and athletics played individ
  • Y93.51 - Activity, roller skating (inline) and skateboarding
  • Y93.52 - Activity, horseback riding
  • Y93.53 - Activity, golf
  • Y93.54 - Activity, bowling
  • Y93.55 - Activity, bike riding
  • Y93.56 - Activity, jumping rope
  • Y93.57 - Activity, non-running track and field events
  • Y93.59 - Activity, oth w oth sports and athletics played individ
  • Y93.6 - Activities w oth sports & athletics played as a team or grp
  • Y93.61 - Activity, american tackle football
  • Y93.62 - Activity, american flag or touch football
  • Y93.63 - Activity, rugby
  • Y93.64 - Activity, baseball
  • Y93.65 - Activity, lacrosse and field hockey
  • Y93.66 - Activity, soccer
  • Y93.67 - Activity, basketball
  • Y93.68 - Activity, volleyball (beach) (court)
  • Y93.69 - Actvty, oth w oth sports & athletics played as a team or grp
  • Y93.6A - Actvty,physcl games assoc w school recess, sumr camp & child
  • Y93.7 - Activities involving other specified sports and athletics
  • Y93.71 - Activity, boxing
  • Y93.72 - Activity, wrestling
  • Y93.73 - Activity, racquet and hand sports
  • Y93.74 - Activity, frisbee
  • Y93.75 - Activity, martial arts
  • Y93.79 - Activity, other specified sports and athletics
  • Y93.8 - Activities, other specified
  • Y93.81 - Activity, refereeing a sports activity
  • Y93.82 - Activity, spectator at an event
  • Y93.83 - Activity, rough housing and horseplay
  • Y93.84 - Activity, sleeping
  • Y93.85 - Activity, choking game
  • Y93.89 - Activity, other specified
  • Y93.9 - Activity, unspecified

Convert X50.3XXS to ICD-9-CM

  • ICD-9-CM Code: E929.8 - Late eff accident NEC
    Approximate Flag - The approximate mapping means there is not an exact match between the ICD-10 and ICD-9 codes and the mapped code is not a precise representation of the original code.

Code History

  • FY 2024 - No Change, effective from 10/1/2023 through 9/30/2024
  • FY 2023 - No Change, effective from 10/1/2022 through 9/30/2023
  • FY 2022 - No Change, effective from 10/1/2021 through 9/30/2022
  • FY 2021 - No Change, effective from 10/1/2020 through 9/30/2021
  • FY 2020 - No Change, effective from 10/1/2019 through 9/30/2020
  • FY 2019 - No Change, effective from 10/1/2018 through 9/30/2019
  • FY 2018 - No Change, effective from 10/1/2017 through 9/30/2018