Disorders of endocrine glands in diseases classified elsewhere (E35)

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Instructional Notations

Code First

Certain conditions have both an underlying etiology and multiple body system manifestations due to the underlying etiology. For such conditions, the ICD-10-CM has a coding convention that requires the underlying condition be sequenced first followed by the manifestation. Wherever such a combination exists, there is a "use additional code" note at the etiology code, and a "code first" note at the manifestation code. These instructional notes indicate the proper sequencing order of the codes, etiology followed by manifestation.

  • underlying disease, such as:
  • late congenital syphilis of thymus gland [Dubois disease] A50.9

Use Additional Code

The “use additional code” indicates that a secondary code could be used to further specify the patient’s condition. This note is not mandatory and is only used if enough information is available to assign an additional code.

  • code, if applicable, to identify:
  • sequelae of tuberculosis of other organs B90.8

Type 1 Excludes

A type 1 excludes note is a pure excludes note. It means "NOT CODED HERE!" An Excludes1 note indicates that the code excluded should never be used at the same time as the code above the Excludes1 note. An Excludes1 is used when two conditions cannot occur together, such as a congenital form versus an acquired form of the same condition.

  • Echinococcus granulosus infection of thyroid gland B67.3
  • meningococcal hemorrhagic adrenalitis A39.1
  • syphilis of endocrine gland A52.79
  • tuberculosis of adrenal gland, except calcification A18.7
  • tuberculosis of endocrine gland NEC A18.82
  • tuberculosis of thyroid gland A18.81
  • Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome A39.1