Other hyperalimentation (E67)

Clinical Information for Other hyperalimentation (E67)

Hypervitaminosis A - A symptom complex resulting from ingesting excessive amounts of VITAMIN A.

Vitamins - Organic substances that are required in small amounts for maintenance and growth, but which cannot be manufactured by the human body.

Instructional Notations

Type 1 Excludes Type 1 Excludes
A type 1 excludes note is a pure excludes note. It means "NOT CODED HERE!" An Excludes1 note indicates that the code excluded should never be used at the same time as the code above the Excludes1 note. An Excludes1 is used when two conditions cannot occur together, such as a congenital form versus an acquired form of the same condition.

  • hyperalimentation NOS R63.2
  • sequelae of hyperalimentation E68