2023 ICD-10-CM POA Exempt - Allergy status to drug/meds/biol subst (Z88)

List of Present On Admission Exempt (POA) ICD-10-CM Codes for: "Allergy status to drug/meds/biol subst (Z88)" for the fiscal year 2023. There are 10 diagnosis codes exempt from POA reporting in this chapter.

ICD-10 Description Status
Z88.0Allergy status to penicillinBillable Code
Z88.1Allergy status to other antibiotic agentsBillable Code
Z88.2Allergy status to sulfonamidesBillable Code
Z88.3Allergy status to other anti-infective agentsBillable Code
Z88.4Allergy status to anesthetic agentBillable Code
Z88.5Allergy status to narcotic agentBillable Code
Z88.6Allergy status to analgesic agentBillable Code
Z88.7Allergy status to serum and vaccineBillable Code
Z88.8Allergy status to other drugs, medicaments and biological substancesBillable Code
Z88.9Allergy status to unspecified drugs, medicaments and biological substancesBillable Code