Diagnosis Codes in MS-DRG 602 - CELLULITIS WITH MCC

The Medicare Severity Diagnosis-Related Group or MS-DRG is a patient classification scheme which provides a means of relating the type of patients a hospital treats. The DRGs divides all possible principal diagnoses into mutually exclusive principal diagnosis areas referred to as Major Diagnostic Categories (MDC). This is the group for Diagnosis Codes in MS-DRG 602 - CELLULITIS WITH Major Complication or Comorbidity diseases in version MS-DRG V41.0 applicable from 10/01/2023 through 09/30/2024.

MS-DRG MS-DRG Title MCD Relative Weight Geometric LOS Arithmetic LOS
602 CELLULITIS WITH MCC 09 1.4875 Relative Weight
The relative weight of a diagnostic related group determines the reimbursement rate based on the severity of a patient's illness and the associated cost of care during hospitalization.
1.49 Geometric Length of Stay
The geometric mean length of stay (GMLOS) is used by Medicare to calculate the reimbursement for patients whose medical treatment takes a much longer or shorter time than average.
4.80 Arithmetic Length of Stay
The average length of stay (ALOS) reflects the average number of days a patient spends in a hospital for each admission.

List of ICD-10-CM Codes in Diagnostic Related Group

    • A46 Erysipelas
    • L88 Pyoderma gangrenosum
  • B78
    • B78.1 Cutaneous strongyloidiasis
  • E83
    • E83.2 Disorders of zinc metabolism
  • I89
  • L01.0
  • L01
    • L01.1 Impetiginization of other dermatoses
  • L02.0
  • L02.1
  • L02.22
  • L02.23
    • L02.231 Carbuncle of abdominal wall
    • L02.232 Carbuncle of back [any part, except buttock]
    • L02.233 Carbuncle of chest wall
    • L02.234 Carbuncle of groin
    • L02.235 Carbuncle of perineum
    • L02.236 Carbuncle of umbilicus
    • L02.239 Carbuncle of trunk, unspecified
  • L02.3
  • L02.42
    • L02.421 Furuncle of right axilla
    • L02.422 Furuncle of left axilla
    • L02.423 Furuncle of right upper limb
    • L02.424 Furuncle of left upper limb
    • L02.425 Furuncle of right lower limb
    • L02.426 Furuncle of left lower limb
    • L02.429 Furuncle of limb, unspecified
  • L02.43
    • L02.431 Carbuncle of right axilla
    • L02.432 Carbuncle of left axilla
    • L02.433 Carbuncle of right upper limb
    • L02.434 Carbuncle of left upper limb
    • L02.435 Carbuncle of right lower limb
    • L02.436 Carbuncle of left lower limb
    • L02.439 Carbuncle of limb, unspecified
  • L02.52
  • L02.53
  • L02.62
  • L02.63
  • L02.82
    • L02.821 Furuncle of head [any part, except face]
    • L02.828 Furuncle of other sites
  • L02.83
    • L02.831 Carbuncle of head [any part, except face]
    • L02.838 Carbuncle of other sites
  • L02.9
  • L05.0
    • L05.01 Pilonidal cyst with abscess
    • L05.02 Pilonidal sinus with abscess
  • L05.9
    • L05.91 Pilonidal cyst without abscess
    • L05.92 Pilonidal sinus without abscess
  • L08
    • L08.0 Pyoderma
    • L08.9 Local infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, unspecified
  • L08.8
    • L08.81 Pyoderma vegetans
    • L08.82 Omphalitis not of newborn
    • L08.89 Other specified local infections of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
  • L92
    • L92.8 Other granulomatous disorders of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
  • L98
    • L98.0 Pyogenic granuloma