ICD-10-CM Paresis References

"Paresis" Annotation Back-References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries

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  • Paresis - See Also: Paralysis;
    • accommodation - See: Paresis, of accommodation;
    • Bernhardt's - G57.1 Meralgia paresthetica
    • bladder (sphincter) - See Also: Paralysis, bladder;
      • tabetic - A52.17 General paresis
    • bowel, colon or intestine - K56.0 Paralytic ileus
    • extrinsic muscle, eye - H49.9 Unspecified paralytic strabismus
    • general (progressive) (syphilitic) - A52.17 General paresis
      • juvenile - A50.45 Juvenile general paresis
    • heart - See: Failure, heart;
    • insane (syphilitic) - A52.17 General paresis
    • juvenile (general) - A50.45 Juvenile general paresis
    • of accommodation - H52.52 Paresis of accommodation
    • peripheral progressive (idiopathic) - G60.3 Idiopathic progressive neuropathy
    • pseudohypertrophic - See Also: Dystrophy, muscular, by type, if applicable; - G71.09 Other specified muscular dystrophies
    • senile - G83.9 Paralytic syndrome, unspecified
    • syphilitic (general) - A52.17 General paresis
      • congenital - A50.45 Juvenile general paresis
    • vesical NEC - N31.2 Flaccid neuropathic bladder, not elsewhere classified

Applicable Clinical Terms Definitions

Heart: The hollow, muscular organ that maintains the circulation of the blood.