Difficult, difficulty (in)

"Difficult, difficulty (in)" References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries

References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries applicable to the clinical term "difficult, difficulty (in)"

  • Difficult, difficulty (in)
    • acculturation - Z60.3 Acculturation difficulty
    • feeding - R63.30 Feeding difficulties, unspecified
      • elderly - R63.39 Other feeding difficulties
      • infant NOS - R63.39 Other feeding difficulties
      • newborn - P92.9 Feeding problem of newborn, unspecified
        • breast - P92.5 Neonatal difficulty in feeding at breast
        • specified NEC - P92.8 Other feeding problems of newborn
      • nonorganic (infant or child) - F98.29 Other feeding disorders of infancy and early childhood
      • specified NEC - R63.39 Other feeding difficulties
    • intubation, in anesthesia - T88.4 Failed or difficult intubation
    • mechanical, gastroduodenal stoma - K91.89 Other postprocedural complications and disorders of digestive system
      • causing obstruction - See Also: Obstruction, intestine, postoperative; - K91.30 Postprocedural intestinal obstruction, unspecified as to partial versus complete
    • micturition
      • need to immediately re-void - R39.191 Need to immediately re-void
      • position dependent - R39.192 Position dependent micturition
      • specified NEC - R39.198 Other difficulties with micturition
    • reading (developmental) - F81.0 Specific reading disorder
      • secondary to emotional disorders - F93.9 Childhood emotional disorder, unspecified
    • spelling (specific) - F81.81 Disorder of written expression
      • due to inadequate teaching - Z55.8 Other problems related to education and literacy
      • with reading disorder - F81.89 Other developmental disorders of scholastic skills
    • swallowing - See: Dysphagia;
    • understanding
      • medication instructions - Z55.6 Problems related to health literacy
    • walking - R26.2 Difficulty in walking, not elsewhere classified
    • work
      • conditions NEC - Z56.5 Uncongenial work environment
      • schedule - Z56.3 Stressful work schedule

Applicable Clinical Terms Definitions

Walking: An activity in which the body advances at a slow to moderate pace by moving the feet in a coordinated fashion. This includes recreational walking, walking for fitness, and competitive race-walking.

Work: Productive or purposeful activities.