Persons encountering health services in other circumstances (Z76)

Clinical Information for Persons encountering health services in other circumstances (Z76)

Air Travel - Travel by means of an airplane, helicopter, or balloon.

Dimenhydrinate - A drug combination that contains diphenhydramine and theophylline. It is used for treating VERTIGO, MOTION SICKNESS, and NAUSEA associated with PREGNANCY.

Records - Works on authentic evidence, of something having legal importance. The concept includes certificates of birth, death, etc., as well as hospital, medical, and other institutional records.

Space Flight - Travel beyond the earth's atmosphere.

Travel - MOVEMENT across different GEOGRAPHIC LOCATIONS.

Travel Medicine - Multidisciplinary field focusing on prevention of infectious diseases and patient safety during international TRAVEL. Key element of patient's pre-travel visit to the physician is a health risk assessment.

Travel Nursing - A type of nursing practice involving licensed professional nurses who travel to work in temporary nursing positions.

Travel-Related Illness - Health problems associated with TRAVEL.

Malingering - Simulation of symptoms of illness or injury with intent to deceive in order to obtain a goal, e.g., a claim of physical illness to avoid jury duty.