Other puerperal infections (O86)

    • ICD-10 Index

      • Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium (O00–O99)

        • Complications predominantly related to the puerperium (O85-O92)

            • Other puerperal infections (O86)
            • O86 - Other puerperal infections NON-BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.0 - Infection of obstetric surgical wound NON-BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.00 - Infection of obstetric surgical wound, unspecified BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.01 - Infct of obstetric surgical wound, superfic incisional site BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.02 - Infection of obstetric surgical wound, deep incisional site BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.03 - Infection of obstetric surgical wound, organ and space site BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.04 - Sepsis following an obstetrical procedure BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.09 - Infection of obstetric surgical wound, other surgical site BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.1 - Other infection of genital tract following delivery NON-BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.11 - Cervicitis following delivery BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.12 - Endometritis following delivery BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.13 - Vaginitis following delivery BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.19 - Other infection of genital tract following delivery BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.2 - Urinary tract infection following delivery NON-BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.20 - Urinary tract infection following delivery, unspecified BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.21 - Infection of kidney following delivery BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.22 - Infection of bladder following delivery BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.29 - Other urinary tract infection following delivery BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.4 - Pyrexia of unknown origin following delivery BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.8 - Other specified puerperal infections NON-BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.81 - Puerperal septic thrombophlebitis BILLABLE CODE
            • O86.89 - Other specified puerperal infections BILLABLE CODE

Clinical Information for Other puerperal infections (O86)

Erysipelas - An acute infection of the skin caused by species of STREPTOCOCCUS. This disease most frequently affects infants, young children, and the elderly. Characteristics include pink-to-red lesions that spread rapidly and are warm to the touch. The commonest site of involvement is the face.

Streptococcus - A genus of gram-positive, coccoid bacteria whose organisms occur in pairs or chains. No endospores are produced. Many species exist as commensals or parasites on man or animals with some being highly pathogenic. A few species are saprophytes and occur in the natural environment.

Instructional Notations

Use Additional Code Use Additional Code
The “use additional code” indicates that a secondary code could be used to further specify the patient’s condition. This note is not mandatory and is only used if enough information is available to assign an additional code.

Type 2 Excludes Type 2 Excludes
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  • infection during labor O75.3
  • obstetrical tetanus A34