ICD-10-PCS Section: G - Mental Health

Mental Health

The seven characters in the mental health section have the following meaning:

  • Character 1 = Section
  • Character 2 = Body System
  • Character 3 = Root Type
  • Character 4 = Type Qualifier
  • Character 5 = Qualifier
  • Character 6 = Qualifier
  • Character 7 = Qualifier

Mental Health procedure codes have a first character value of "G". The second character is used to identify the body system elsewhere in ICD-10-PCS. Because body system does not apply in this section, the second character always has the value None. The third character specifies the root type, such as crisis intervention or counseling. The fourth character is a type qualifier (e.g., to indicate that counseling was educational or vocational). The fifth, sixth and seventh characters are not specified and always have the value None.

GZ - None

GZ1 - Psychological TestsThe administration and interpretation of standardized psychological tests and measurement instruments for the assessment of psychological function
GZ2 - Crisis InterventionTreatment of a traumatized, acutely disturbed or distressed individual for thepurpose of short-term stabilization
GZ3 - Medication ManagementMonitoring and adjusting the use of medications for the treatment of amental health disorder
GZ5 - Individual PsychotherapyTreatment of an individual with a mental health disorder by behavioral,cognitive, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic or psychophysiological means to improve functioningor well-being
GZ6 - CounselingThe application of psychological methods to treat an individual with normaldevelopmental issues and psychological problems in order to increase function, improve well-being, alleviate distress, maladjustment or resolve crises
GZ7 - Family PsychotherapyTreatment that includes one or more family members of an individualwith a mental health disorder by behavioral, cognitive, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic orpsychophysiological means to improve functioning or well-being
GZB - Electroconvulsive TherapyThe application of controlled electrical voltages to treat a mentalhealth disorder
GZC - BiofeedbackProvision of information from the monitoring and regulating of physiologicalprocesses in conjunction with cognitive-behavioral techniques to improve patient functioning orwell-being
GZF - HypnosisInduction of a state of heightened suggestibility by auditory, visual and tactiletechniques to elicit an emotional or behavioral response
GZG - NarcosynthesisAdministration of intravenous barbiturates in order to release suppressed orrepressed thoughts
GZH - Group PsychotherapyTreatment of two or more individuals with a mental health disorder bybehavioral, cognitive, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic or psychophysiological means to improvefunctioning or well-being
GZJ - Light TherapyApplication of specialized light treatments to improve functioning or well-being