ICD-10-PCS Body System: GZ - None

List of ICD-10-PCS procedures under GZ - None

GZ1 - Psychological TestsThe administration and interpretation of standardized psychological tests and measurement instruments for the assessment of psychological function
GZ2 - Crisis InterventionTreatment of a traumatized, acutely disturbed or distressed individual for thepurpose of short-term stabilization
GZ3 - Medication ManagementMonitoring and adjusting the use of medications for the treatment of amental health disorder
GZ5 - Individual PsychotherapyTreatment of an individual with a mental health disorder by behavioral,cognitive, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic or psychophysiological means to improve functioningor well-being
GZ6 - CounselingThe application of psychological methods to treat an individual with normaldevelopmental issues and psychological problems in order to increase function, improve well-being, alleviate distress, maladjustment or resolve crises
GZ7 - Family PsychotherapyTreatment that includes one or more family members of an individualwith a mental health disorder by behavioral, cognitive, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic orpsychophysiological means to improve functioning or well-being
GZB - Electroconvulsive TherapyThe application of controlled electrical voltages to treat a mentalhealth disorder
GZC - BiofeedbackProvision of information from the monitoring and regulating of physiologicalprocesses in conjunction with cognitive-behavioral techniques to improve patient functioning orwell-being
GZF - HypnosisInduction of a state of heightened suggestibility by auditory, visual and tactiletechniques to elicit an emotional or behavioral response
GZG - NarcosynthesisAdministration of intravenous barbiturates in order to release suppressed orrepressed thoughts
GZH - Group PsychotherapyTreatment of two or more individuals with a mental health disorder bybehavioral, cognitive, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic or psychophysiological means to improvefunctioning or well-being
GZJ - Light TherapyApplication of specialized light treatments to improve functioning or well-being