ICD-10-PCS GZ5 Mental Health: None Individual Psychotherapy

List of ICD-10-PCS codes used to specify GZ5 - Individual Psychotherapy (treatment of an individual with a mental health disorder by behavioral,cognitive, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic or psychophysiological means to improve functioningor well-being). There are a total of 10 procedure codes in this section.

ICD-10-PCS Description Status
GZ5Mental Health, Individual PsychotherapyNon-Billable Code
GZ50ZZZIndividual Psychotherapy, InteractiveBillable Code
GZ51ZZZIndividual Psychotherapy, BehavioralBillable Code
GZ52ZZZIndividual Psychotherapy, CognitiveBillable Code
GZ53ZZZIndividual Psychotherapy, InterpersonalBillable Code
GZ54ZZZIndividual Psychotherapy, PsychoanalysisBillable Code
GZ55ZZZIndividual Psychotherapy, PsychodynamicBillable Code
GZ56ZZZIndividual Psychotherapy, SupportiveBillable Code
GZ58ZZZIndividual Psychotherapy, Cognitive-BehavioralBillable Code
GZ59ZZZIndividual Psychotherapy, PsychophysiologicalBillable Code