2023 ICD-10-CM POA Exempt - Activity codes (Y93)

List of Present On Admission Exempt (POA) ICD-10-CM Codes for: "Activity codes (Y93)" for the fiscal year 2023. There are 104 diagnosis codes exempt from POA reporting in this chapter.

ICD-10 Description Status
Y93.12Activity, springboard and platform divingBillable Code
Y93.13Activity, water poloBillable Code
Y93.14Activity, water aerobics and water exerciseBillable Code
Y93.15Activity, underwater diving and snorkelingBillable Code
Y93.16Activity, rowing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting and tubingBillable Code
Y93.17Activity, water skiing and wake boardingBillable Code
Y93.18Activity, surfing, windsurfing and boogie boardingBillable Code
Y93.19Activity, other involving water and watercraftBillable Code
Y93.21Activity, ice skatingBillable Code
Y93.22Activity, ice hockeyBillable Code
Y93.23Activity, snow (alpine) (downhill) skiing, snowboarding, sledding, tobogganing and snow tubingBillable Code
Y93.24Activity, cross country skiingBillable Code
Y93.29Activity, other involving ice and snowBillable Code
Y93.31Activity, mountain climbing, rock climbing and wall climbingBillable Code
Y93.32Activity, rappellingBillable Code
Y93.33Activity, BASE jumpingBillable Code
Y93.34Activity, bungee jumpingBillable Code
Y93.35Activity, hang glidingBillable Code
Y93.39Activity, other involving climbing, rappelling and jumping offBillable Code
Y93.41Activity, dancingBillable Code
Y93.42Activity, yogaBillable Code
Y93.43Activity, gymnasticsBillable Code
Y93.44Activity, trampoliningBillable Code
Y93.45Activity, cheerleadingBillable Code
Y93.49Activity, other involving dancing and other rhythmic movementsBillable Code
Y93.51Activity, roller skating (inline) and skateboardingBillable Code
Y93.52Activity, horseback ridingBillable Code
Y93.53Activity, golfBillable Code
Y93.54Activity, bowlingBillable Code
Y93.55Activity, bike ridingBillable Code
Y93.56Activity, jumping ropeBillable Code
Y93.57Activity, non-running track and field eventsBillable Code
Y93.59Activity, other involving other sports and athletics played individuallyBillable Code
Y93.61Activity, american tackle footballBillable Code
Y93.62Activity, american flag or touch footballBillable Code
Y93.63Activity, rugbyBillable Code
Y93.64Activity, baseballBillable Code
Y93.65Activity, lacrosse and field hockeyBillable Code
Y93.66Activity, soccerBillable Code
Y93.67Activity, basketballBillable Code
Y93.68Activity, volleyball (beach) (court)Billable Code
Y93.69Activity, other involving other sports and athletics played as a team or groupBillable Code
Y93.6AActivity, physical games generally associated with school recess, summer camp and childrenBillable Code
Y93.71Activity, boxingBillable Code
Y93.72Activity, wrestlingBillable Code
Y93.73Activity, racquet and hand sportsBillable Code
Y93.74Activity, frisbeeBillable Code
Y93.75Activity, martial artsBillable Code
Y93.79Activity, other specified sports and athleticsBillable Code
Y93.81Activity, refereeing a sports activityBillable Code
Y93.82Activity, spectator at an eventBillable Code
Y93.83Activity, rough housing and horseplayBillable Code
Y93.84Activity, sleepingBillable Code
Y93.85Activity, choking gameBillable Code
Y93.89Activity, other specifiedBillable Code
Y93.9Activity, unspecifiedBillable Code
Y93.A1Activity, exercise machines primarily for cardiorespiratory conditioningBillable Code
Y93.A2Activity, calisthenicsBillable Code
Y93.A3Activity, aerobic and step exerciseBillable Code
Y93.A4Activity, circuit trainingBillable Code
Y93.A5Activity, obstacle courseBillable Code
Y93.A6Activity, grass drillsBillable Code
Y93.A9Activity, other involving cardiorespiratory exerciseBillable Code
Y93.B1Activity, exercise machines primarily for muscle strengtheningBillable Code
Y93.B2Activity, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-upsBillable Code
Y93.B3Activity, free weightsBillable Code
Y93.B4Activity, pilatesBillable Code
Y93.B9Activity, other involving muscle strengthening exercisesBillable Code
Y93.C1Activity, computer keyboardingBillable Code
Y93.C2Activity, hand held interactive electronic deviceBillable Code
Y93.C9Activity, other involving computer technology and electronic devicesBillable Code
Y93.D1Activity, knitting and crochetingBillable Code
Y93.D2Activity, sewingBillable Code
Y93.D3Activity, furniture building and finishingBillable Code
Y93.D9Activity, other involving arts and handcraftsBillable Code
Y93.E1Activity, personal bathing and showeringBillable Code
Y93.E2Activity, laundryBillable Code
Y93.E3Activity, vacuumingBillable Code
Y93.E4Activity, ironingBillable Code
Y93.E5Activity, floor mopping and cleaningBillable Code
Y93.E6Activity, residential relocationBillable Code
Y93.E8Activity, other personal hygieneBillable Code
Y93.E9Activity, other interior property and clothing maintenanceBillable Code
Y93.F1Activity, caregiving, bathingBillable Code
Y93.F2Activity, caregiving, liftingBillable Code
Y93.F9Activity, other caregivingBillable Code
Y93.G1Activity, food preparation and clean upBillable Code
Y93.G2Activity, grilling and smoking foodBillable Code
Y93.G3Activity, cooking and bakingBillable Code
Y93.G9Activity, other involving cooking and grillingBillable Code
Y93.H1Activity, digging, shoveling and rakingBillable Code
Y93.H2Activity, gardening and landscapingBillable Code
Y93.H3Activity, building and constructionBillable Code
Y93.H9Activity, other involving exterior property and land maintenance, building and constructionBillable Code
Y93.I1Activity, roller coaster ridingBillable Code
Y93.I9Activity, other involving external motionBillable Code
Y93.J1Activity, piano playingBillable Code
Y93.J2Activity, drum and other percussion instrument playingBillable Code
Y93.J3Activity, string instrument playingBillable Code
Y93.J4Activity, winds and brass instrument playingBillable Code
Y93.K1Activity, walking an animalBillable Code
Y93.K2Activity, milking an animalBillable Code
Y93.K3Activity, grooming and shearing an animalBillable Code
Y93.K9Activity, other involving animal careBillable Code