ICD-10-CM Volvulus (bowel) (colon) (intestine) References

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  • Volvulus (bowel) (colon) (intestine) - K56.2 Volvulus
    • congenital - Q43.8 Other specified congenital malformations of intestine
    • duodenum - K31.5 Obstruction of duodenum
    • fallopian tube - See: Torsion, fallopian tube;
    • oviduct - See: Torsion, fallopian tube;
    • stomach (due to absence of gastrocolic ligament) - K31.89 Other diseases of stomach and duodenum
    • with perforation - K56.2 Volvulus

Applicable Clinical Terms Definitions

Duodenum: The shortest and widest portion of the SMALL INTESTINE adjacent to the PYLORUS of the STOMACH. It is named for having the length equal to about the width of 12 fingers.

Fallopian Tubes: A pair of highly specialized canals extending from the UTERUS to its corresponding OVARY. They provide the means for OVUM transport from the ovaries and they are the site of the ovum's final maturation and FERTILIZATION. The fallopian tube consists of an interstitium, an isthmus, an ampulla, an infundibulum, and fimbriae. Its wall consists of three layers: serous, muscular, and an internal mucosal layer lined with both ciliated and secretory cells.

Oviducts: Ducts that serve exclusively for the passage of eggs from the ovaries to the exterior of the body. In non-mammals, they are termed oviducts. In mammals, they are highly specialized and known as FALLOPIAN TUBES.