Senile, senility

  • Senile, senility - See Also: condition; - R41.81 Age-related cognitive decline
    • asthenia - R54 Age-related physical debility
    • cervix (atrophic) - N88.8 Other specified noninflammatory disorders of cervix uteri
    • debility - R54 Age-related physical debility
    • endometrium (atrophic) - N85.8 Other specified noninflammatory disorders of uterus
    • fallopian tube (atrophic) - See: Atrophy, fallopian tube;
    • heart (failure) - R54 Age-related physical debility
    • ovary (atrophic) - See: Atrophy, ovary;
    • premature - E34.8 Other specified endocrine disorders
    • vagina, vaginitis (atrophic) - N95.2 Postmenopausal atrophic vaginitis
    • wart - L82.1 Other seborrheic keratosis
    • with
      • acute confusional state - F05 Delirium due to known physiological condition
      • mental changes NOS - F03 Unspecified dementia
      • psychosis NEC - See: Psychosis, senile;


Asthenia: Clinical sign or symptom manifested as debility, or lack or loss of strength and energy.

Warts: Benign epidermal proliferations or tumors; some are viral in origin.

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