Alphabetical Index

Use the alphabetical index for the main term retinitis to review the available sub terms and properly select the ICD-10 code with the highest degree of specificity. Instructional notations will guide the coder with information such as "see", "see also", "with", "without", "due to", and "code by site".

  • Retinitis - See Also: Inflammation, chorioretinal;
    • albuminurica - N18.9 Chronic kidney disease, unspecified
    • diabetic - See: Diabetes, retinitis;
    • disciformis - See: Degeneration, macula;
    • focal - See: Inflammation, chorioretinal, focal;
    • gravidarum - See: Pregnancy, complicated by, specified pregnancy-related condition NEC;
    • juxtapapillaris - See: Inflammation, chorioretinal, focal, juxtapapillary;
    • luetic - See: Retinitis, syphilitic;
    • pigmentosa - H35.52 Pigmentary retinal dystrophy
    • proliferans - See: Disorder, globe, degenerative, specified type NEC;
    • proliferating - See: Disorder, globe, degenerative, specified type NEC;
    • renal - N18.9 Chronic kidney disease, unspecified
    • syphilitic (early) (secondary) - A51.43 Secondary syphilitic oculopathy
      • central, recurrent - A52.71 Late syphilitic oculopathy
      • congenital (early) - A50.01 Early congenital syphilitic oculopathy
      • late - A52.71 Late syphilitic oculopathy
    • tuberculous - A18.53 Tuberculous chorioretinitis

Clinical Terms

The following are some of the clinical term definitions related or applicable to retinitis within the ICD-10 index for Diseases and Injuries.

Retinitis: Inflammation of the RETINA. It is rarely limited to the retina, but is commonly associated with diseases of the choroid (CHORIORETINITIS) and of the OPTIC DISK (neuroretinitis).