Other rickettsioses (A79)

Clinical Information for Other rickettsioses (A79)

Anaplasmosis - A disease usually in cattle caused by parasitization of the red blood cells by bacteria of the genus ANAPLASMA.

Trench Fever - An intermittent fever characterized by intervals of chills, fever, and splenomegaly each of which may last as long as 40 hours. It is caused by BARTONELLA QUINTANA and transmitted by the human louse.

Bartonella quintana - A species of gram-negative bacteria in which man is the primary host and the human body louse, Pediculus humanus, the principal vector. It is the etiological agent of TRENCH FEVER.

Anaplasma - A genus of gram-negative bacteria whose organisms are obligate parasites of vertebrates. Species are transmitted by arthropod vectors with the host range limited to ruminants. Anaplasma marginale is the most pathogenic species and is the causative agent of severe bovine anaplasmosis.