ICD-10-PCS Section: B - Imaging


The seven characters in the imaging section have the following meaning:

  • Character 1 = Section
  • Character 2 = Body System
  • Character 3 = Root Type
  • Character 4 = Body Part
  • Character 5 = Contrast
  • Character 6 = Qualifier
  • Character 7 = Qualifier

Imaging procedure codes have a first character value of "B". Imaging section codes represent procedures including plain radiography, fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, and ultrasound. Nuclear medicine procedure codes, including PET, uptakes, and scans, are in the nuclear medicine section. Therapeutic radiation procedure codes are in a separate radiation oncology section.

In the imaging section, the second character defines the body system and the fourth character defines the body part. The third character defines the root type of imaging procedure (e.g, MRI, ultrasound).