ICD-10-PCS BW4 Imaging: Anatomical Regions Ultrasonography

List of ICD-10-PCS codes used to specify BW4 - Ultrasonography (real time display of images of anatomy or flow information developed from the capture of reflected and attenuated high frequency sound waves). There are a total of 5 procedure codes in this section.

ICD-10-PCS Description Status
BW4Imaging, Anatomical Regions, UltrasonographyNon-Billable Code
BW40ZZZUltrasonography of AbdomenBillable Code
BW41ZZZUltrasonography of Abdomen and PelvisBillable Code
BW4FZZZUltrasonography of NeckBillable Code
BW4GZZZUltrasonography of Pelvic RegionBillable Code