ICD-10-PCS Section: 2 - Placement


The seven characters in the placement section have the following meaning:

  • Character 1 = Section
  • Character 2 = Anatomical Region
  • Character 3 = Root Operation
  • Character 4 = Body Region/Orifice
  • Character 5 = Approach
  • Character 6 = Device
  • Character 7 = Qualifier

Placement section codes represent procedures for putting an externally placed device in or on a body region for the purpose of protection, immobilization, stretching, compression or packing. Placement procedure codes have a first character value of "2". The second character value for body system is either anatomical regions or anatomical orifices. The root operations Change and Removal are contained in the placement section, and have the same meaning as in the medical and surgical section. The placement section also includes five additional root operations, defined as follows:

  • Compression: Putting pressure on a body region
  • Dressing: Putting material on a body region for protection
  • Immobilization: Limiting or preventing motion of a body region
  • Packing: Putting material in a body region or orifice
  • Traction: Exerting a pulling force on a body region in a distal direction

The fourth character values are either body regions (e.g., upper leg) or natural orifices (e.g., ear). Since all placement procedures are performed directly on the skin or mucous membrane, or performed indirectly by the application of external force through the skin or mucous membrane, the approach value is always External.

The device character is always specified (except in the case of manual traction) and indicates the device placed during the procedure (e.g., cast, splint, bandage, etc.). Except for casts for fractures and dislocations, devices in the placement section are off the shelf and do not require any extensive design, fabrication or fitting. Placement of devices that require extensive design, fabrication or fitting are coded in the rehabilitation section. The qualifier character is not specified in the placement section; thus the qualifier value is always No Qualifier.