ICD-10-PCS Body System: 2W - Anatomical Regions

List of ICD-10-PCS procedures under 2W - Anatomical Regions

2W0 - ChangeTaking out or off a device from a body part and putting back an identical or similar device in or on the same body part without cutting or puncturing the skin or a mucous membrane
2W1 - CompressionPutting pressure on a body region
2W2 - DressingPutting material on a body region for protection
2W3 - ImmobilizationLimiting or preventing motion of a body region
2W4 - PackingPutting material in a body region or orifice
2W5 - RemovalTaking out or off a device from a body part
2W6 - TractionExerting a pulling force on a body region in a distal direction