ICD-10-PCS B44 Imaging: Lower Arteries Ultrasonography

List of ICD-10-PCS codes used to specify B44 - Ultrasonography (real time display of images of anatomy or flow information developed from the capture of reflected and attenuated high frequency sound waves). There are a total of 27 procedure codes in this section.

ICD-10-PCS Description Status
B44Imaging, Lower Arteries, UltrasonographyNon-Billable Code
B440ZZ3Ultrasonography of Abdominal Aorta, IntravascularBillable Code
B440ZZZUltrasonography of Abdominal AortaBillable Code
B444ZZ3Ultrasonography of Superior Mesenteric Artery, IntravascularBillable Code
B444ZZZUltrasonography of Superior Mesenteric ArteryBillable Code
B445ZZ3Ultrasonography of Inferior Mesenteric Artery, IntravascularBillable Code
B445ZZZUltrasonography of Inferior Mesenteric ArteryBillable Code
B446ZZ3Ultrasonography of Right Renal Artery, IntravascularBillable Code
B446ZZZUltrasonography of Right Renal ArteryBillable Code
B447ZZ3Ultrasonography of Left Renal Artery, IntravascularBillable Code
B447ZZZUltrasonography of Left Renal ArteryBillable Code
B448ZZ3Ultrasonography of Bilateral Renal Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B448ZZZUltrasonography of Bilateral Renal ArteriesBillable Code
B44BZZ3Ultrasonography of Other Intra-Abdominal Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B44BZZZUltrasonography of Other Intra-Abdominal ArteriesBillable Code
B44FZZ3Ultrasonography of Right Lower Extremity Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B44FZZZUltrasonography of Right Lower Extremity ArteriesBillable Code
B44GZZ3Ultrasonography of Left Lower Extremity Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B44GZZZUltrasonography of Left Lower Extremity ArteriesBillable Code
B44HZZ3Ultrasonography of Bilateral Lower Extremity Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B44HZZZUltrasonography of Bilateral Lower Extremity ArteriesBillable Code
B44KZZ3Ultrasonography of Celiac and Mesenteric Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B44KZZZUltrasonography of Celiac and Mesenteric ArteriesBillable Code
B44LZZ3Ultrasonography of Femoral Artery, IntravascularBillable Code
B44LZZZUltrasonography of Femoral ArteryBillable Code
B44NZZ3Ultrasonography of Penile Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B44NZZZUltrasonography of Penile ArteriesBillable Code