ICD-10-PCS B34 Imaging: Upper Arteries Ultrasonography

List of ICD-10-PCS codes used to specify B34 - Ultrasonography (real time display of images of anatomy or flow information developed from the capture of reflected and attenuated high frequency sound waves). There are a total of 33 procedure codes in this section.

ICD-10-PCS Description Status
B34VZZZUltrasonography of Ophthalmic ArteriesBillable Code
B34VZZ3Ultrasonography of Ophthalmic Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B34TZZZUltrasonography of Left Pulmonary ArteryBillable Code
B34TZZ3Ultrasonography of Left Pulmonary Artery, IntravascularBillable Code
B34SZZZUltrasonography of Right Pulmonary ArteryBillable Code
B34SZZ3Ultrasonography of Right Pulmonary Artery, IntravascularBillable Code
B34RZZZUltrasonography of Intracranial ArteriesBillable Code
B34RZZ3Ultrasonography of Intracranial Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B34KZZZUltrasonography of Bilateral Upper Extremity ArteriesBillable Code
B34KZZ3Ultrasonography of Bilateral Upper Extremity Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B34JZZZUltrasonography of Left Upper Extremity ArteriesBillable Code
B34JZZ3Ultrasonography of Left Upper Extremity Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B34HZZZUltrasonography of Right Upper Extremity ArteriesBillable Code
B34HZZ3Ultrasonography of Right Upper Extremity Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B348ZZZUltrasonography of Bilateral Internal Carotid ArteriesBillable Code
B348ZZ3Ultrasonography of Bilateral Internal Carotid Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B347ZZZUltrasonography of Left Internal Carotid ArteryBillable Code
B347ZZ3Ultrasonography of Left Internal Carotid Artery, IntravascularBillable Code
B346ZZZUltrasonography of Right Internal Carotid ArteryBillable Code
B346ZZ3Ultrasonography of Right Internal Carotid Artery, IntravascularBillable Code
B345ZZZUltrasonography of Bilateral Common Carotid ArteriesBillable Code
B345ZZ3Ultrasonography of Bilateral Common Carotid Arteries, IntravascularBillable Code
B344ZZZUltrasonography of Left Common Carotid ArteryBillable Code
B344ZZ3Ultrasonography of Left Common Carotid Artery, IntravascularBillable Code
B343ZZZUltrasonography of Right Common Carotid ArteryBillable Code
B343ZZ3Ultrasonography of Right Common Carotid Artery, IntravascularBillable Code
B342ZZZUltrasonography of Left Subclavian ArteryBillable Code
B342ZZ3Ultrasonography of Left Subclavian Artery, IntravascularBillable Code
B341ZZZUltrasonography of Right Brachiocephalic-Subclavian ArteryBillable Code
B341ZZ3Ultrasonography of Right Brachiocephalic-Subclavian Artery, IntravascularBillable Code
B340ZZZUltrasonography of Thoracic AortaBillable Code
B340ZZ3Ultrasonography of Thoracic Aorta, IntravascularBillable Code
B34Imaging, Upper Arteries, UltrasonographyNon-Billable Code