ICD-10-PCS B00 Imaging: Central Nervous System Plain Radiography

List of ICD-10-PCS codes used to specify B00 - Plain Radiography (planar display of an image developed from the capture of external ionizing radiation on photographic or photoconductive plate). There are a total of 5 procedure codes in this section.

ICD-10-PCS Description Status
B00Imaging, Central Nervous System, Plain RadiographyNon-Billable Code
B00B0ZZPlain Radiography of Spinal Cord using High Osmolar ContrastBillable Code
B00B1ZZPlain Radiography of Spinal Cord using Low Osmolar ContrastBillable Code
B00BYZZPlain Radiography of Spinal Cord using Other ContrastBillable Code
B00BZZZPlain Radiography of Spinal CordBillable Code