ICD-10-PCS 5A1 Extracorporeal or Systemic Assistance and Performance: Physiological Systems Performance

List of ICD-10-PCS codes used to specify 5A1 - Performance (completely taking over a physiological function by extracorporeal means). There are a total of 20 procedure codes in this section.

ICD-10-PCS Description Status
5A1Extracorporeal or Systemic Assistance and Performance, Physiological Systems, PerformanceNon-Billable Code
5A12012Performance of Cardiac Output, Single, ManualBillable Code
5A1213ZPerformance of Cardiac Pacing, IntermittentBillable Code
5A1221ZPerformance of Cardiac Output, ContinuousBillable Code
5A1223ZPerformance of Cardiac Pacing, ContinuousBillable Code
5A1522FExtracorporeal Oxygenation, Membrane, CentralBillable Code
5A1522GExtracorporeal Oxygenation, Membrane, Peripheral Veno-arterialBillable Code
5A1522HExtracorporeal Oxygenation, Membrane, Peripheral Veno-venousBillable Code
5A15A2FExtracorporeal Oxygenation, Membrane, Central, IntraoperativeBillable Code
5A15A2GExtracorporeal Oxygenation, Membrane, Peripheral Veno-arterial, IntraoperativeBillable Code
5A15A2HExtracorporeal Oxygenation, Membrane, Peripheral Veno-venous, IntraoperativeBillable Code
5A19054Respiratory Ventilation, Single, NonmechanicalBillable Code
5A1935ZRespiratory Ventilation, Less than 24 Consecutive HoursBillable Code
5A1945ZRespiratory Ventilation, 24-96 Consecutive HoursBillable Code
5A1955ZRespiratory Ventilation, Greater than 96 Consecutive HoursBillable Code
5A1C00ZPerformance of Biliary Filtration, SingleBillable Code
5A1C60ZPerformance of Biliary Filtration, MultipleBillable Code
5A1D70ZPerformance of Urinary Filtration, Intermittent, Less than 6 Hours Per DayBillable Code
5A1D80ZPerformance of Urinary Filtration, Prolonged Intermittent, 6-18 hours Per DayBillable Code
5A1D90ZPerformance of Urinary Filtration, Continuous, Greater than 18 hours Per DayBillable Code