ICD-9 Diagnosis Code V62.29

Occupationl circumst NEC

Diagnosis Code V62.29

ICD-9: V62.29
Short Description: Occupationl circumst NEC
Long Description: Other occupational circumstances or maladjustment
This is the 2014 version of the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code V62.29

Code Classification
  • Supplementary classification of factors influencing health status and contact with health services (E)
    • Persons encountering health services in other circumstances (V60-V69)
      • V62 Other psychosocial circumstances

Information for Medical Professionals

Code Edits
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Adult diagnoses: Age range is 15–124 years inclusive.

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  • About to retire from job
  • Absent for social reasons
  • Bullied at work
  • Career frustration
  • Changed job description
  • Demoted at work
  • Dismissed from job
  • Dissatisfied with job
  • Employer does not know about health problem
  • Employer unsympathetic to health problem
  • Employment circumstances of partner or spouse
  • Employment problem
  • Family employment circumstance
  • Fit for work with restrictions
  • Fit to return to work with restrictions
  • In paid casual work
  • In paid seasonal work
  • In sheltered work
  • Inadequate workplace welfare facility
  • Job seeking history
  • Job shares
  • Leaving job
  • Mentally unfit to return to work
  • Moonlighting
  • No prospect of promotion
  • Not seeking work
  • Occupational disorder
  • Occupational environmental problem
  • Occupational maladjustment
  • On a government work scheme
  • On a pathway to employment scheme
  • On a work placement scheme
  • On a youth training scheme
  • On compassionate leave
  • On leave from work
  • On maternity leave
  • On sick leave from work
  • On unpaid leave
  • Partner begins work
  • Partner works after retirement
  • Pattern of absenteeism from present employment
  • Pattern of absenteeism from previous employment
  • Permanently unable to perform work activities due to medical condition
  • Physically unfit to return to work
  • Poor acceptance of authority at work
  • Poor acceptance of supervision at work
  • Poor awareness of safety at work
  • Problems at work
  • Redeployed at work
  • Registered with disability employment advisor
  • Registered with job center
  • Registered with work placement officer
  • Requesting compassionate leave
  • Requesting leave from work
  • Requesting maternity leave
  • Requesting paternity leave
  • Requesting sick leave
  • Requesting unpaid leave
  • Restricted work performance
  • Retirement maladjusted
  • Retirement unsettled
  • Seeking careers advice
  • Seeking work
  • Semi-retired
  • Sexual problems at work
  • Stress at work
  • Suspended from work
  • Temporarily unable to perform work activities due to medical condition
  • Threat of dismissal
  • Unfair dismissal from job
  • Unfit to return to work
  • Unhappy at work
  • Work and retirement-related problems
  • Work maladjustment problem
  • Work relocated
  • Work stress
  • Work worries
  • Works at home
  • Works away most of week
  • Works away part of week
  • Works irregularly

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