Present on Admission Exempt ICD-10 Codes - Persons encntr health serv for oth cnsl and med advice, NEC (Z71)

The Present on Admission (POA) indicator is used for diagnosis codes included in claims involving inpatient admissions to general acute care hospitals. POA indicators must be reported to CMS on each claim to facilitate the grouping of diagnoses codes into the proper Diagnostic Related Groups (DRG). CMS publishes a listing of specific ICD-10 diagnosis codes that are exempt from the POA reporting requirement.

  • Z71.0 - Prsn encntr hlth serv to consult on behalf of another person
  • Z71.1 - Person w feared hlth complaint in whom no diagnosis is made
  • Z71.2 - Person consulting for explanation of exam or test findings
  • Z71.3 - Dietary counseling and surveillance
  • Z71.41 - Alcohol abuse counseling and surveillance of alcoholic
  • Z71.42 - Counseling for family member of alcoholic
  • Z71.51 - Drug abuse counseling and surveillance of drug abuser
  • Z71.52 - Counseling for family member of drug abuser
  • Z71.6 - Tobacco abuse counseling
  • Z71.7 - Human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] counseling
  • Z71.81 - Spiritual or religious counseling
  • Z71.82 - Exercise counseling
  • Z71.83 - Encounter for nonprocreative genetic counseling
  • Z71.89 - Other specified counseling
  • Z71.9 - Counseling, unspecified