2023 ICD-10-CM POA Exempt - Other postprocedural states (Z98)

List of Present On Admission Exempt (POA) ICD-10-CM Codes for: "Other postprocedural states (Z98)" for the fiscal year 2023. There are 23 diagnosis codes exempt from POA reporting in this chapter.

ICD-10 Description Status
Z98.0Intestinal bypass and anastomosis statusBillable Code
Z98.1Arthrodesis statusBillable Code
Z98.2Presence of cerebrospinal fluid drainage deviceBillable Code
Z98.3Post therapeutic collapse of lung statusBillable Code
Z98.41Cataract extraction status, right eyeBillable Code
Z98.42Cataract extraction status, left eyeBillable Code
Z98.49Cataract extraction status, unspecified eyeBillable Code
Z98.51Tubal ligation statusBillable Code
Z98.52Vasectomy statusBillable Code
Z98.61Coronary angioplasty statusBillable Code
Z98.62Peripheral vascular angioplasty statusBillable Code
Z98.810Dental sealant statusBillable Code
Z98.811Dental restoration statusBillable Code
Z98.818Other dental procedure statusBillable Code
Z98.82Breast implant statusBillable Code
Z98.83Filtering (vitreous) bleb after glaucoma surgery statusBillable Code
Z98.84Bariatric surgery statusBillable Code
Z98.85Transplanted organ removal statusBillable Code
Z98.86Personal history of breast implant removalBillable Code
Z98.870Personal history of in utero procedure during pregnancyBillable Code
Z98.871Personal history of in utero procedure while a fetusBillable Code
Z98.890Other specified postprocedural statesBillable Code
Z98.891History of uterine scar from previous surgeryBillable Code