2023 ICD-10-CM POA Exempt - Oth sex chromosome abnormalities, male phenotype, NEC (Q98)

List of Present On Admission Exempt (POA) ICD-10-CM Codes for: "Oth sex chromosome abnormalities, male phenotype, NEC (Q98)" for the fiscal year 2023. There are 9 diagnosis codes exempt from POA reporting in this chapter.

ICD-10 Description Status
Q98.0Klinefelter syndrome karyotype 47, XXYBillable Code
Q98.1Klinefelter syndrome, male with more than two X chromosomesBillable Code
Q98.3Other male with 46, XX karyotypeBillable Code
Q98.4Klinefelter syndrome, unspecifiedBillable Code
Q98.5Karyotype 47, XYYBillable Code
Q98.6Male with structurally abnormal sex chromosomeBillable Code
Q98.7Male with sex chromosome mosaicismBillable Code
Q98.8Other specified sex chromosome abnormalities, male phenotypeBillable Code
Q98.9Sex chromosome abnormality, male phenotype, unspecifiedBillable Code