Present on Admission Exempt ICD-10 Codes - Oth prob rel to prim support group, inc family circumstances (Z63)

The Present on Admission (POA) indicator is used for diagnosis codes included in claims involving inpatient admissions to general acute care hospitals. POA indicators must be reported to CMS on each claim to facilitate the grouping of diagnoses codes into the proper Diagnostic Related Groups (DRG). CMS publishes a listing of specific ICD-10 diagnosis codes that are exempt from the POA reporting requirement.

  • Z63.0 - Problems in relationship with spouse or partner
  • Z63.1 - Problems in relationship with in-laws
  • Z63.31 - Absence of family member due to military deployment
  • Z63.32 - Other absence of family member
  • Z63.4 - Disappearance and death of family member
  • Z63.5 - Disruption of family by separation and divorce
  • Z63.6 - Dependent relative needing care at home
  • Z63.71 - Stress on fam d/t return of family member from miltry deploy
  • Z63.72 - Alcoholism and drug addiction in family
  • Z63.79 - Other stressful life events affecting family and household
  • Z63.8 - Other specified problems related to primary support group
  • Z63.9 - Problem related to primary support group, unspecified