2024 ICD-10-CM POA Exempt - Encounter for administrative examination (Z02)

List of Present On Admission Exempt (POA) ICD-10-CM Codes for: "Encounter for administrative examination (Z02)" for the fiscal year 2024. There are 15 diagnosis codes exempt from POA reporting in this chapter.

ICD-10 Description Status
Z02.0Encounter for examination for admission to educational institutionBillable Code
Z02.1Encounter for pre-employment examinationBillable Code
Z02.2Encounter for examination for admission to residential institutionBillable Code
Z02.3Encounter for examination for recruitment to armed forcesBillable Code
Z02.4Encounter for examination for driving licenseBillable Code
Z02.5Encounter for examination for participation in sportBillable Code
Z02.6Encounter for examination for insurance purposesBillable Code
Z02.71Encounter for disability determinationBillable Code
Z02.79Encounter for issue of other medical certificateBillable Code
Z02.81Encounter for paternity testingBillable Code
Z02.82Encounter for adoption servicesBillable Code
Z02.83Encounter for blood-alcohol and blood-drug testBillable Code
Z02.84Encounter for child welfare examBillable Code
Z02.89Encounter for other administrative examinationsBillable Code
Z02.9Encounter for administrative examinations, unspecifiedBillable Code