2024 ICD-10-CM POA Exempt - Congen malform of ovaries, fallopian tubes & broad ligaments (Q50)

List of Present On Admission Exempt (POA) ICD-10-CM Codes for: "Congen malform of ovaries, fallopian tubes & broad ligaments (Q50)" for the fiscal year 2024. There are 10 diagnosis codes exempt from POA reporting in this chapter.

ICD-10 Description Status
Q50.01Congenital absence of ovary, unilateralBillable Code
Q50.02Congenital absence of ovary, bilateralBillable Code
Q50.1Developmental ovarian cystBillable Code
Q50.2Congenital torsion of ovaryBillable Code
Q50.31Accessory ovaryBillable Code
Q50.32Ovarian streakBillable Code
Q50.39Other congenital malformation of ovaryBillable Code
Q50.4Embryonic cyst of fallopian tubeBillable Code
Q50.5Embryonic cyst of broad ligamentBillable Code
Q50.6Other congenital malformations of fallopian tube and broad ligamentBillable Code