2023 ICD-10-CM POA Exempt - Acquired absence of limb (Z89)

List of Present On Admission Exempt (POA) ICD-10-CM Codes for: "Acquired absence of limb (Z89)" for the fiscal year 2023. There are 49 diagnosis codes exempt from POA reporting in this chapter.

ICD-10 Description Status
Z89.011Acquired absence of right thumbBillable Code
Z89.012Acquired absence of left thumbBillable Code
Z89.019Acquired absence of unspecified thumbBillable Code
Z89.021Acquired absence of right finger(s)Billable Code
Z89.022Acquired absence of left finger(s)Billable Code
Z89.029Acquired absence of unspecified finger(s)Billable Code
Z89.111Acquired absence of right handBillable Code
Z89.112Acquired absence of left handBillable Code
Z89.119Acquired absence of unspecified handBillable Code
Z89.121Acquired absence of right wristBillable Code
Z89.122Acquired absence of left wristBillable Code
Z89.129Acquired absence of unspecified wristBillable Code
Z89.201Acquired absence of right upper limb, unspecified levelBillable Code
Z89.202Acquired absence of left upper limb, unspecified levelBillable Code
Z89.209Acquired absence of unspecified upper limb, unspecified levelBillable Code
Z89.211Acquired absence of right upper limb below elbowBillable Code
Z89.212Acquired absence of left upper limb below elbowBillable Code
Z89.219Acquired absence of unspecified upper limb below elbowBillable Code
Z89.221Acquired absence of right upper limb above elbowBillable Code
Z89.222Acquired absence of left upper limb above elbowBillable Code
Z89.229Acquired absence of unspecified upper limb above elbowBillable Code
Z89.231Acquired absence of right shoulderBillable Code
Z89.232Acquired absence of left shoulderBillable Code
Z89.239Acquired absence of unspecified shoulderBillable Code
Z89.411Acquired absence of right great toeBillable Code
Z89.412Acquired absence of left great toeBillable Code
Z89.419Acquired absence of unspecified great toeBillable Code
Z89.421Acquired absence of other right toe(s)Billable Code
Z89.422Acquired absence of other left toe(s)Billable Code
Z89.429Acquired absence of other toe(s), unspecified sideBillable Code
Z89.431Acquired absence of right footBillable Code
Z89.432Acquired absence of left footBillable Code
Z89.439Acquired absence of unspecified footBillable Code
Z89.441Acquired absence of right ankleBillable Code
Z89.442Acquired absence of left ankleBillable Code
Z89.449Acquired absence of unspecified ankleBillable Code
Z89.511Acquired absence of right leg below kneeBillable Code
Z89.512Acquired absence of left leg below kneeBillable Code
Z89.519Acquired absence of unspecified leg below kneeBillable Code
Z89.521Acquired absence of right kneeBillable Code
Z89.522Acquired absence of left kneeBillable Code
Z89.529Acquired absence of unspecified kneeBillable Code
Z89.611Acquired absence of right leg above kneeBillable Code
Z89.612Acquired absence of left leg above kneeBillable Code
Z89.619Acquired absence of unspecified leg above kneeBillable Code
Z89.621Acquired absence of right hip jointBillable Code
Z89.622Acquired absence of left hip jointBillable Code
Z89.629Acquired absence of unspecified hip jointBillable Code
Z89.9Acquired absence of limb, unspecifiedBillable Code