Trichinellosis, trichiniasis, trichinelliasis, trichinosis

"Trichinellosis, trichiniasis, trichinelliasis, trichinosis" References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries

References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries applicable to the clinical term "trichinellosis, trichiniasis, trichinelliasis, trichinosis"

  • Trichinellosis, trichiniasis, trichinelliasis, trichinosis - B75 Trichinellosis
    • with muscle disorder - B75 Trichinellosis
      • ankle - B75 Trichinellosis
      • foot - B75 Trichinellosis
      • forearm - B75 Trichinellosis
      • hand - B75 Trichinellosis
      • lower leg - B75 Trichinellosis
      • multiple sites - B75 Trichinellosis
      • pelvic region - B75 Trichinellosis
      • shoulder region - B75 Trichinellosis
      • specified site NEC - B75 Trichinellosis
      • thigh - B75 Trichinellosis
      • upper arm - B75 Trichinellosis

Applicable Clinical Terms Definitions

Ankle: The region of the lower limb between the FOOT and the LEG.

Foot: The distal extremity of the leg in vertebrates, consisting of the tarsus (ANKLE); METATARSUS; phalanges; and the soft tissues surrounding these bones.

Forearm: Part of the upper extremity in humans and primates extending from the ELBOW to the WRIST.

Hand: The distal part of the arm beyond the wrist in humans and primates, that includes the palm, fingers, and thumb.

Thigh: The portion of the leg in humans and other animals found between the HIP and KNEE.

Arm: The superior part of the upper extremity between the SHOULDER and the ELBOW.