• Tension
    • arterial, high - See Also: Hypertension;
      • without diagnosis of hypertension - R03.0 Elevated blood-pressure reading, without diagnosis of hypertension
    • headache - G44.209 Tension-type headache, unspecified, not intractable
      • intractable - G44.201 Tension-type headache, unspecified, intractable
      • not intractable - G44.209 Tension-type headache, unspecified, not intractable
    • nervous - R45.0 Nervousness
    • pneumothorax - J93.0 Spontaneous tension pneumothorax
    • premenstrual - N94.3 Premenstrual tension syndrome
    • state (mental) - F48.9 Nonpsychotic mental disorder, unspecified


Headache: The symptom of PAIN in the cranial region. It may be an isolated benign occurrence or manifestation of a wide variety of HEADACHE DISORDERS.

Pneumothorax: An accumulation of air or gas in the PLEURAL CAVITY, which may occur spontaneously or as a result of trauma or a pathological process. The gas may also be introduced deliberately during PNEUMOTHORAX, ARTIFICIAL.

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