Tendinitis, tendonitis

"Tendinitis, tendonitis" References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries

References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries applicable to the clinical term "tendinitis, tendonitis"

  • Tendinitis, tendonitis - See Also: Enthesopathy;
    • Achilles - M76.6 Achilles tendinitis
    • adhesive - See: Tenosynovitis, specified type NEC;
      • shoulder - See: Capsulitis, adhesive;
    • bicipital - M75.2 Bicipital tendinitis
    • calcific - M65.2 Calcific tendinitis
      • ankle - M65.27 Calcific tendinitis, ankle and foot
      • foot - M65.27 Calcific tendinitis, ankle and foot
      • forearm - M65.23 Calcific tendinitis, forearm
      • hand - M65.24 Calcific tendinitis, hand
      • lower leg - M65.26 Calcific tendinitis, lower leg
      • multiple sites - M65.29 Calcific tendinitis, multiple sites
      • pelvic region - M65.25 Calcific tendinitis, thigh
      • shoulder - M75.3 Calcific tendinitis of shoulder
      • specified site NEC - M65.28 Calcific tendinitis, other site
      • thigh - M65.25 Calcific tendinitis, thigh
      • upper arm - M65.22 Calcific tendinitis, upper arm
    • due to use, overuse, pressure - See Also: Disorder, soft tissue, due to use;
      • specified NEC - See: Disorder, soft tissue, due to use, specified NEC;
    • gluteal - M76.0 Gluteal tendinitis
    • patellar - M76.5 Patellar tendinitis
    • peroneal - M76.7 Peroneal tendinitis
    • psoas - M76.1 Psoas tendinitis
    • tibial (posterior) - M76.82 Posterior tibial tendinitis
      • anterior - M76.81 Anterior tibial syndrome
    • trochanteric - See: Bursitis, hip, trochanteric;

Applicable Clinical Terms Definitions

Adhesives: Substances that cause the adherence of two surfaces. They include glues (properly collagen-derived adhesives), mucilages, sticky pastes, gums, resins, or latex.

Ankle: The region of the lower limb between the FOOT and the LEG.

Foot: The distal extremity of the leg in vertebrates, consisting of the tarsus (ANKLE); METATARSUS; phalanges; and the soft tissues surrounding these bones.

Forearm: Part of the upper extremity in humans and primates extending from the ELBOW to the WRIST.

Hand: The distal part of the arm beyond the wrist in humans and primates, that includes the palm, fingers, and thumb.

Shoulder: Part of the body in humans and primates where the arms connect to the trunk. The shoulder has five joints; ACROMIOCLAVICULAR joint, CORACOCLAVICULAR joint, GLENOHUMERAL joint, scapulathoracic joint, and STERNOCLAVICULAR joint.

Thigh: The portion of the leg in humans and other animals found between the HIP and KNEE.

Arm: The superior part of the upper extremity between the SHOULDER and the ELBOW.