Scurvy, scorbutic

Alphabetical Index

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  • Scurvy, scorbutic - E54 Ascorbic acid deficiency
    • anemia - D53.2 Scorbutic anemia
    • gum - E54 Ascorbic acid deficiency
    • infantile - E54 Ascorbic acid deficiency
    • rickets - E55.0 Rickets, active

Clinical Terms

The following are some of the clinical term definitions related or applicable to scurvy, scorbutic within the ICD-10 index for Diseases and Injuries.

Anemia: A reduction in the number of circulating ERYTHROCYTES or in the quantity of HEMOGLOBIN.

Gingiva: Oral tissue surrounding and attached to TEETH.

Rickets: Disorders caused by interruption of BONE MINERALIZATION manifesting as OSTEOMALACIA in adults and characteristic deformities in infancy and childhood due to disturbances in normal BONE FORMATION. The mineralization process may be interrupted by disruption of VITAMIN D; PHOSPHORUS; or CALCIUM homeostasis, resulting from dietary deficiencies, or acquired, or inherited metabolic, or hormonal disturbances.