Rhinitis (atrophic) (catarrhal) (chronic) (croupous) (fibrinous) (granulomatous) (hyperplastic) (hypertrophic) (membranous) (obstructive) (purulent) (suppurative) (ulcerative)

"Rhinitis (atrophic) (catarrhal) (chronic) (croupous) (fibrinous) (granulomatous) (hyperplastic) (hypertrophic) (membranous) (obstructive) (purulent) (suppurative) (ulcerative)" References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries

References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries applicable to the clinical term "rhinitis (atrophic) (catarrhal) (chronic) (croupous) (fibrinous) (granulomatous) (hyperplastic) (hypertrophic) (membranous) (obstructive) (purulent) (suppurative) (ulcerative)"

  • Rhinitis (atrophic) (catarrhal) (chronic) (croupous) (fibrinous) (granulomatous) (hyperplastic) (hypertrophic) (membranous) (obstructive) (purulent) (suppurative) (ulcerative) - J31.0 Chronic rhinitis
    • acute - J00 Acute nasopharyngitis [common cold]
    • allergic - J30.9 Allergic rhinitis, unspecified
      • due to
        • food - J30.5 Allergic rhinitis due to food
        • pollen - J30.1 Allergic rhinitis due to pollen
      • nonseasonal - J30.89 Other allergic rhinitis
      • perennial - J30.89 Other allergic rhinitis
      • seasonal NEC - J30.2 Other seasonal allergic rhinitis
      • specified NEC - J30.89 Other allergic rhinitis
      • with asthma - J45.909 Unspecified asthma, uncomplicated
        • with
          • exacerbation (acute) - J45.901 Unspecified asthma with (acute) exacerbation
          • status asthmaticus - J45.902 Unspecified asthma with status asthmaticus
    • infective - J00 Acute nasopharyngitis [common cold]
    • pneumococcal - J00 Acute nasopharyngitis [common cold]
    • syphilitic - A52.73 Symptomatic late syphilis of other respiratory organs
      • congenital - A50.05 Early congenital syphilitic rhinitis
    • tuberculous - A15.8 Other respiratory tuberculosis
    • vasomotor - J30.0 Vasomotor rhinitis
    • with
      • sore throat - See: Nasopharyngitis;