ICD-10-CM Pouch References

"Pouch" Annotation Back-References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries

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  • Pouch
    • bronchus - Q32.4 Other congenital malformations of bronchus
    • Douglas' - See: condition;
    • esophagus, esophageal, congenital - Q39.6 Congenital diverticulum of esophagus
      • acquired - K22.5 Diverticulum of esophagus, acquired
    • gastric - K31.4 Gastric diverticulum
    • Hartmann's - K82.8 Other specified diseases of gallbladder
    • pharynx, pharyngeal (congenital) - Q38.7 Congenital pharyngeal pouch