ICD-10-CM Nondescent (congenital) References

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  • Nondescent (congenital) - See Also: Malposition, congenital;
    • cecum - Q43.3 Congenital malformations of intestinal fixation
    • colon - Q43.3 Congenital malformations of intestinal fixation
    • testicle - Q53.9 Undescended testicle, unspecified
      • bilateral - Q53.20 Undescended testicle, unspecified, bilateral
        • abdominal - Q53.211 Bilateral intraabdominal testes
        • perineal - Q53.22 Ectopic perineal testis, bilateral
      • unilateral - Q53.10 Unspecified undescended testicle, unilateral
        • abdominal - Q53.111 Unilateral intraabdominal testis
        • perineal - Q53.12 Ectopic perineal testis, unilateral

Applicable Clinical Terms Definitions

Cecum: The blind sac or outpouching area of the LARGE INTESTINE that is below the entrance of the SMALL INTESTINE. It has a worm-like extension, the vermiform APPENDIX.

Colon: The segment of LARGE INTESTINE between the CECUM and the RECTUM. It includes the ASCENDING COLON; the TRANSVERSE COLON; the DESCENDING COLON; and the SIGMOID COLON.