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  • Leukokeratosis - See Also: Leukoplakia;
    • mouth - K13.21 Leukoplakia of oral mucosa, including tongue
    • nicotina palati - K13.24 Leukokeratosis nicotina palati
    • oral mucosa - K13.21 Leukoplakia of oral mucosa, including tongue
    • tongue - K13.21 Leukoplakia of oral mucosa, including tongue
    • vocal cord - J38.3 Other diseases of vocal cords

Applicable Clinical Terms Definitions

Mouth: The oval-shaped oral cavity located at the apex of the digestive tract and consisting of two parts: the vestibule and the oral cavity proper.

Tongue: A muscular organ in the mouth that is covered with pink tissue called mucosa, tiny bumps called papillae, and thousands of taste buds. The tongue is anchored to the mouth and is vital for chewing, swallowing, and for speech.

Vocal Cords: A pair of cone-shaped elastic mucous membrane projecting from the laryngeal wall and forming a narrow slit between them. Each contains a thickened free edge (vocal ligament) extending from the THYROID CARTILAGE to the ARYTENOID CARTILAGE, and a VOCAL MUSCLE that shortens or relaxes the vocal cord to control sound production.