Itch, itching

"Itch, itching" References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries

References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries applicable to the clinical term "itch, itching"

  • Itch, itching - See Also: Pruritus;
    • baker's - L23.6 Allergic contact dermatitis due to food in contact with the skin
    • barber's - B35.0 Tinea barbae and tinea capitis
    • bricklayer's - L24.5 Irritant contact dermatitis due to other chemical products
    • cheese - B88.0 Other acariasis
    • clam digger's - B65.3 Cercarial dermatitis
    • coolie - B76.9 Hookworm disease, unspecified
    • copra - B88.0 Other acariasis
    • dew - B76.9 Hookworm disease, unspecified
    • dhobi - B35.6 Tinea cruris
    • filarial - See: Infestation, filarial;
    • grain - B88.0 Other acariasis
    • grocer's - B88.0 Other acariasis
    • ground - B76.9 Hookworm disease, unspecified
    • harvest - B88.0 Other acariasis
    • jock - B35.6 Tinea cruris
    • Malabar - B35.5 Tinea imbricata
      • beard - B35.0 Tinea barbae and tinea capitis
      • foot - B35.3 Tinea pedis
      • scalp - B35.0 Tinea barbae and tinea capitis
    • meaning scabies - B86 Scabies
    • Norwegian - B86 Scabies
    • perianal - L29.0 Pruritus ani
    • poultrymen's - B88.0 Other acariasis
    • sarcoptic - B86 Scabies
    • scabies - B86 Scabies
    • scrub - B88.0 Other acariasis
    • straw - B88.0 Other acariasis
    • swimmer's - B65.3 Cercarial dermatitis
    • water - B76.9 Hookworm disease, unspecified
    • winter - L29.8 Other pruritus

Applicable Clinical Terms Definitions

Cheese: A nutritious food consisting primarily of the curd or the semisolid substance formed when milk coagulates.

Foot: The distal extremity of the leg in vertebrates, consisting of the tarsus (ANKLE); METATARSUS; phalanges; and the soft tissues surrounding these bones.

Scabies: A contagious cutaneous inflammation caused by the bite of the mite SARCOPTES SCABIEI. It is characterized by pruritic papular eruptions and burrows and affects primarily the axillae, elbows, wrists, and genitalia, although it can spread to cover the entire body.

Scalp: The outer covering of the calvaria. It is composed of several layers: SKIN; subcutaneous connective tissue; the occipitofrontal muscle which includes the tendinous galea aponeurotica; loose connective tissue; and the pericranium (the PERIOSTEUM of the SKULL).

Water: A clear, odorless, tasteless liquid that is essential for most animal and plant life and is an excellent solvent for many substances. The chemical formula is hydrogen oxide (H2O). (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)