Alphabetical Index

Use the alphabetical index for the main term floating to review the available sub terms and properly select the ICD-10 code with the highest degree of specificity. Instructional notations will guide the coder with information such as "see", "see also", "with", "without", "due to", and "code by site".

  • Floating
    • cartilage (joint) - See Also: Loose, body, joint;
      • knee - See: Derangement, knee, loose body;
    • gallbladder, congenital - Q44.1 Other congenital malformations of gallbladder
    • kidney - N28.89 Other specified disorders of kidney and ureter
      • congenital - Q63.8 Other specified congenital malformations of kidney
    • spleen - D73.89 Other diseases of spleen

Clinical Terms

The following are some of the clinical term definitions related or applicable to floating within the ICD-10 index for Diseases and Injuries.

Kidney: Body organ that filters blood for the secretion of URINE and that regulates ion concentrations.

Knee: A region of the lower extremity immediately surrounding and including the KNEE JOINT.

Spleen: An encapsulated lymphatic organ through which venous blood filters.