ICD-10-CM Flexion References

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  • Flexion
    • amputation stump (surgical) - T87.89 Other complications of amputation stump
    • cervix - See: Malposition, uterus;
    • contracture, joint - See: Contraction, joint;
    • deformity, joint - See Also: Deformity, limb, flexion; - M21.20 Flexion deformity, unspecified site
      • hip, congenital - Q65.89 Other specified congenital deformities of hip
    • uterus - See Also: Malposition, uterus;
      • lateral - See: Lateroversion, uterus;

Applicable Clinical Terms Definitions

Cervix Uteri: The neck portion of the UTERUS between the lower isthmus and the VAGINA forming the cervical canal.

Uterus: The hollow thick-walled muscular organ in the female PELVIS. It consists of the fundus which is the site of EMBRYO IMPLANTATION and FETAL DEVELOPMENT. Beyond the isthmus at the perineal end of fundus, is CERVIX UTERI (the neck) opening into VAGINA. Beyond the isthmi at the upper abdominal end of fundus, are the FALLOPIAN TUBES.