Coxsackie (virus) (infection)

Alphabetical Index

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  • Coxsackie (virus) (infection) - B34.1 Enterovirus infection, unspecified
    • as cause of disease classified elsewhere - B97.11 Coxsackievirus as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere
    • carditis - B33.20 Viral carditis, unspecified
    • central nervous system NEC - A88.8 Other specified viral infections of central nervous system
    • endocarditis - B33.21 Viral endocarditis
    • enteritis - A08.39 Other viral enteritis
    • meningitis (aseptic) - A87.0 Enteroviral meningitis
    • myocarditis - B33.22 Viral myocarditis
    • pericarditis - B33.23 Viral pericarditis
    • pharyngitis - B08.5 Enteroviral vesicular pharyngitis
    • pleurodynia - B33.0 Epidemic myalgia
    • specific disease NEC - B33.8 Other specified viral diseases

Clinical Terms

The following are some of the clinical term definitions related or applicable to coxsackie (virus) (infection) within the ICD-10 index for Diseases and Injuries.

Endocarditis: Inflammation of the inner lining of the heart (ENDOCARDIUM), the continuous membrane lining the four chambers and HEART VALVES. It is often caused by microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and rickettsiae. Left untreated, endocarditis can damage heart valves and become life-threatening.

Enteritis: Inflammation of any segment of the SMALL INTESTINE.

Myocarditis: Inflammatory processes of the muscular walls of the heart (MYOCARDIUM) which result in injury to the cardiac muscle cells (MYOCYTES, CARDIAC). Manifestations range from subclinical to sudden death (DEATH, SUDDEN). Myocarditis in association with cardiac dysfunction is classified as inflammatory CARDIOMYOPATHY usually caused by INFECTION, autoimmune diseases, or responses to toxic substances. Myocarditis is also a common cause of DILATED CARDIOMYOPATHY and other cardiomyopathies.

Pericarditis: Inflammation of the PERICARDIUM from various origins, such as infection, neoplasm, autoimmune process, injuries, or drug-induced. Pericarditis usually leads to PERICARDIAL EFFUSION, or CONSTRICTIVE PERICARDITIS.

Pharyngitis: Inflammation of the throat (PHARYNX).