ICD-10-PCS Section: F - Physical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Audiology

Physical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Audiology

The seven characters in the physical rehabilitation and diagnostic audiology section have the following meaning:

  • Character 1 = Section
  • Character 2 = Section Qualifier
  • Character 3 = Root Type
  • Character 4 = Body System & Region
  • Character 5 = Type Qualifier
  • Character 6 = Equipment
  • Character 7 = Qualifier

Physical rehabilitation section codes represent procedures including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. Osteopathic procedures and chiropractic procedures are in sections 7 and 9 respectively. Physical rehabilitation and diagnostic audiology procedure codes have a first character value of "F". The second character specifies the section qualifier Rehabilitation or Diagnostic Audiology. The third character specifies the root type.

There are 14 different root type values, which can be classified into four basic categories of rehabilitation and diagnostic audiology procedures, defined as follows:

  • Treatment: Use of specific activities or methods to develop, improve and/or restore the performance of necessary functions, compensate for dysfunction and/or minimize debilitation
  • Assessment: Includes a determination of the patient’s diagnosis when appropriate, need for treatment, planning for treatment, periodic assessment and documentation related to these activities
  • Fitting(s): Design, fabrication, modification, selection and/or application of splint, orthosis, prosthesis, hearing aids and/or other rehabilitation device
  • Caregiver Training: Educating caregiver with the skills and knowledge used to interact with and assist the patient

F0 - Rehabilitation

F00 - Speech AssessmentMeasurement of speech and related functions
F01 - Motor and/or Nerve Function AssessmentMeasurement of motor, nerve, and related functions
F02 - Activities of Daily Living AssessmentMeasurement of functional level for activities of daily living
F06 - Speech TreatmentApplication of techniques to improve, augment, or compensate for speech and related functional impairment
F07 - Motor TreatmentExercise or activities to increase or facilitate motor function
F08 - Activities of Daily Living TreatmentExercise or activities to facilitate functional competence for activities of daily living
F09 - Hearing TreatmentApplication of techniques to improve, augment, or compensate for hearing and related functional impairment
F0B - Cochlear Implant TreatmentApplication of techniques to improve the communication abilities of individuals with cochlear implant
F0C - Vestibular TreatmentApplication of techniques to improve, augment, or compensate for vestibular and related functional impairment
F0D - Device FittingFitting of a device designed to facilitate or support achievement of a higher level of function
F0F - Caregiver TrainingTraining in activities to support patients optimal level of function

F1 - Diagnostic Audiology

F13 - Hearing AssessmentMeasurement of hearing and related functions
F14 - Hearing Aid AssessmentMeasurement of the appropriateness and/or effectiveness of a hearing device
F15 - Vestibular AssessmentMeasurement of the vestibular system and related functions